Short Assignment 2-Facebook


Facebook is a social network website that allows its user to create personal profile websites about themselves. Users can share their personal information, pictures, and videos with other users who have also established a profile on the website. In addition, the website also allows the users to communicate with each other by sending messages and commenting on other users’ posts. I first started using Facebook four years ago when I was a Sophomore in high school . The only reason I signed up for it was because all of my friends got an account. Back then, I only used Facebook to exchange funny comments and posts about random things with high school friends. My social network on Facebook was only limited to the people I see everyday in high school. Nobody I know took Facebook seriously, Facebook was just another website I visited occasionally out of boredom. Most of my profile information was fake. I would just put whatever was funny to me at the time on my profile page.

My attitude toward Facebook changed when I came to college, and so did all the people I know as they came to college. Compared to high school, college offers a much broader social environment. I am constantly meeting new people from different places. Facebook has helped me to keep track of all the new people that I meet. It separates them into different networks with their personal information, which allowed me to easily identify them. More importantly, it helps me to keep in contact with my old friends. I begin to pay more attention to the personal information on my profile page, because it represented who I am. All the fake information on my profile page was replaced with real content that showed people who I am. As a result, Facebook has become my second identity in this new cyber social network. I would check my Facebook several times a day just to keep myself updated with all the people I know.


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