Short Assignment 8 – Story of an object

The guitar is an essential part for shaping the sound of the guitar player. After playing guitar for two years in high school, I was determined to get a second guitar just to fit my guitar playing style. I got a summer job at a summer camp and saved up every paycheck I got from the job. Finally on the day I got my last paycheck, I went to the guitar shop with a friend who was also looking to buy a new guitar.

We were both looking for similar guitars because we both played similar music. After rounds of inspections trying out different guitars, we both settled on two different guitars from the Schecter brand, the C-1 Hellraiser and the C-1 Classic. These two guitars were like fraternal twins made from the same material with different electronic parts. The Hellraiser had a very aggressive look and a very aggressive sound while the C-1 Classic had a very elegant look and much more versatile sound. There were only one of each guitar left in the shop. So we flipped a coin, and I ended up getting the C-1 Classic.

Buying the guitar completely emptied my bank account balance. However I have never bought anything that has satisfied me more. The Schecter C-1 Classic guitar has the exact sound I was looking for. The guitar is made out of single piece of wood with mahogany back and maple top using a string through body bridge setup to provide the sound with more warmth and maximum sustain. It has two different humbucker pickups each with a distinctive sound. In addition, the electronic system on the guitar includes a 5 way pickup switch, a volume nob, and a tone nob. This unique setup enables the guitar to be very versatile making it adaptable to the sound of many different kinds of music ranging from classical to heavy metal. Aside from its amazing sound quality, the guitar looks like an absolute work of art. It has the shape of an traditional Fender Stratacaster with a quilted blue finish. The neck of the guitar is covered in a series of flower vine carving that runs from the top to the bottom.

The guitar is my key to an alternate universe. With every note I pluck, the resonance of the strings takes me deeper into an imaginary world. I am able to translate my thoughts and emotions into different sounds through the guitar. It allows me to view my surroundings in a more abstract form by bringing out my inner creativity and voice. Overtime, playing guitar has become a form of meditation to help me relax and focus. I would often play guitar right after I get home from a long day of school or right before I go to sleep. All my worries and thoughts would be drowned out by the sound of music.

Looking down the line of fretboard on the guitar is like looking down a lane of memories. There were many memories made playing this guitar. Every song I learned to play on this guitar has a memory of its own. Every time I play a song on the guitar, I can still recall fresh feeling of the moment when I first first learn these songs. Whether it was playing with friends, trying out new music, or learning a new technique, the guitar is key to creating these memories for me as I become more exposed to the world of music and the people who played it.


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