Short Assignment 7 – Social Products

Here is a list of products that have social purposes:

This a very important piece of communication device that keeps people connected with each other. It allows people to reach anybody with a cellphone anywhere at anytime. As technology evolves, cellphone has transformed its into more than just a communication device with the integration of  other functions such as mp3 player, GPS, PDA, and digital gaming.

Electric Guitar
This is a very popular instruments among people of all different ages due to the popularity of rock music and other popular music. It is a very versatile instrument by fusing the traditional guitar with the power of modern digital effect processing. As a result, being a electric guitar player enables the person play with musicians of many different backgrounds.

This is a card game that involves chance, bet, and predictions of other people’s moves. The game is usually played with a group of three or more. It is a very social game, because players often like to interact with other players to gain advantages in the game.

Video Game
Video games provide player with play experience in an alternate reality. It fully engages the different senses of a player  by using images and sounds that is dynamically produced by a computational medium. One of the greatest aspect of video games is ability to bring people together to share the play experience.


The computer is multi-purpose computational device. It is a powerful workstation and an all-in one entertainment platform at the same time. People can use it to communicate with others through the internet and file sharing.


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