Short Assignment 6 – Craigslist UI Design

Craigslist UI Design

Craigslist is a website everyone is familiar with. It is known for its wide range of advertisement and at the same its bad interface. The interface of the website organized just enough to be presentable. It is rare for a such popular to be so plain. It makes a effort at grouping together categories such as location, advertisement types, and upcoming events. Everything presented in text forms on the homepage. A very minimal variety of font style are used to distinguish different information. Header font are only used to emphasize the titles with everything else being the same font.

Graphics should be used to bring out certain features of the website. For example the search box located on the left side of the homepage is barely visible. The only thing that informs me about its use are the text above it. It is important to bring out the search feature because the website covers so many different kind of ads. A sufficient search engine would make the user experience more convient and delightful. Instead of going through hundreds of ad titles with no picture to distinguish them from each other, the user may get tired or impatient of it.

There are way too much text on the homepage. The can be condensed by having broader categories. Icons should be used to replace some of the titles such as housing and personals. Rather than just a online bulletin board filled with thousands of ads, the website should build a self-generating navigation system that constantly propels the user to explore other ads that are on the website. This can help to increase traffic flow and attract more users to the website.


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