Short Assignments

Short Assignment #1

Part 1. Following the description on your syllabus, design and implement a website for documenting your work in the class. Include a picture and short bio describing your interests with  focus on design. Share your website link on the class wiki (access through t-square)

Part 2. Bring a toy car to class for discussion.

Short Assignment #2: Criticism

Part 1. Read the selection of “ἀe Company We Keep,” by Wayne Booth that is distributed in class and “On Relocating Ethical Criticism” that will be made available on t-square on Friday, August 27.

Part 2. Think about a product that you value or understand differently now in comparison to when you ᴀrst encountered it. Discuss how your understanding and judgment of the product has changed and what has contributed to this new stance. Make sure to include a clear description of the product and images (if available/possible) so that your audience can follow your response.

Short Assignment #3: Brainstorm

Part 1. How many uses for a paper clip?

Part 2.  Read the ἀrst chapter of the book, Interaction Design: Beyond Human Computer Interaction and be ready to discuss in class. Do the assignment at the end of chapter (page 37). Include detailed pictures of your selected product and a few sketches for the improvements you suggest.

Short Assignments #4:  Vending Machine

Part 1. Read the observation section of the Sharp’s book (Interaction Design, Beyond Human Computer Interaction), pp. 321–341

Part 2.   Find three different vending machines and purchase an item in each. Document the steps of the process, the errors, the context, and all other factors that relate to the interaction. (Use principles that you learned in the Ḁrst chapter of Sharp’s book to explain the interaction as appropriate) Take pictures of the vending machines to be able to communicate your story in a more meaningful/eFFective way. Write down a description of each interaction followed by a storyboard that depicts the steps of the interaction. Use a legal paper or a bigger size for your storyboards so we can display and discuss in class.…ne-storyboards/

Short Assignments#5: Research and Exploration

Part 1. Individually and before your group brainstorming session, come up with a research/exploration activity that can inform your ideation and design process. It is up to you to decide what this research activity is. It may involve more observation, studying the history of vending machine, or researching a range of vending machines and their interfaces among others. Write a 1-2 page report of your research, your findings, and why it was important to the design process. Include images and sketches as necessary. Take the report to your brainstorming session.

Part 2. Select three objects, images, stories, or other artifacts that could inspire ideation and bring to the brainstorming session.…chine-research/

Short Assignments#6: User Interface Exploration

Find a website, interface, iPhone app, or any other kind of display-based interface that you find inefficient or problematic for some reason. Write a short (3-4 paragraphs) describing the main reasons why the interface is badly designed. Use the criteria discussed in class such as navigation, organization, grouping, etc.

Short Assignments#7: Social Products

Collect 5 to 10 examples of products that are ‘social’. Post the list on your website with brief images/ descriptions of each example. Begin to think about what makes these products worthwhile from the standpoint of social interaction and be ready to discuss in class.

Short Assignment #8

Write a story about meaningful product you.…y-of-an-object/


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