Part 5 – Persona and Prototype

This is a persona created for the interactive floor:

This is a prototype of the interactive floor created using Processing:

The blue part of the side walk is the bus stop:

With permission from the user, the interactive floor will detect the contents that the user is currently looking at on his mobile device and search for snippets of information about the content on the internet. The search results will be displayed in a circular shape below the user’s feet outlined by a circular aura.

Different information will have different colors of circular aura surrounding them:

People who are looking at similar contents will share the same color aura. An arrow will appear at the edge of the circular aura pointing at another person who is looking at similar content as you. This notifies the user that there are other people sharing your interest at the same bus stop.

The circular aura will get bigger and oscillate  faster as more people are looking at the same contents on their mobile device.


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