Part 1 – Brain Storm


  • ddr on the marta bus –
  • table game with arcade center using gamers tag as people’s name-xbox live except everyone gets to meet each other in person and they play games together
  • A coffee shop socializer.
    • Once you have your drink, if you’re not meeting anyone you could sit down at a 4-sided kiosk-like table.  There could be screens for each person asking what drink you got today and display other users preferences.
    • You could then play some nice coffee shop games with the other users like chess, checkers, mahjong, or play company sponsored games like starbucks trivia, etc.
    • It allows people who have their coffee regularly to meet new people while enjoying their cup of joe.
    • The games and interaction will also help them wake up (if it’s in the morning) and encourage socialization at night.  This will also encourage the users to come back to the shop because of the fun experience.
      • receipe terminal in the super market next to the food items-link it up to online grocery shopping – Liz
      • restaurant menus the table if the user chooses so that you can see
        • digital menus that are linked together (possibly touch screen)
        • each menu can sync with the others at the same table
        • allows people to share what they might get which could spark discussion and influence choices
        • menus would also take away the need for waiters to use an order pad as the order would be input by the customer
      • screen on the table to order food
      • large lego piece and sculpter play area in the student center
      • a digital application on smart phones to help people find each other in a large social place such as an amusement park
      • hanging balls in a public for people to interact with each other – Liz
        • This could be in any open area like a park, museum, town square, playground, Train station maybe.
        • Could have a flat screen background or cove-like covering similar to opera house and a curved structure going over the top with balls that have sensors hanging from wires.
        • The screen on the backdrop can display new things each few minutes, hours, etc. that involves the balls as an interactive part.  It could be a sport, instrument, weapon.  It would look fun and be interactive.
      • Interactive floors at bus stops etc. where the program will detect your wireless device (smart phone, compatible mp3 players, etc.) and ask for permission, then send out sound-waves or P2P sharing with other people who can pick up your tunes, share a sample of a song maybe, read a snippet of a book that you are reading. – Liz
        • The floor beneath you will have a sensor that detects your wireless device.
        • It will ask the user for permission to share content like music tastes, videos, books.
        • Whatever the user is interacting with on their smart phone, they will emit an aura under where they’re standing that represents what they’re viewing.  If its a comic, pop images can come out, colors.  If its music, soundwaves and maybe the album art can come out of it.  If it’s a website or book, swirls of texts and images can come out.
        • Any stranger nearby who sees that and finds it interesting can pull up a list of the shared content at that stop and sample the music or reading and so on.
        • Not only will it look cool, it will be a way of learning about a stranger, maybe making a new friend, finding new content, and companies can make money.  It doesn’t pull people away from their phones, but helps break the ice as far as sharing content with others subtly.

      • personal messages + alarm clock
        • if one of your friends has an alarm set, you can be notified or see this
        • you can record a custom alarm message that will play before their standard alarm
      • interactive mad lib at student center
      • mad lib drawing
      • tie swap station at a public place-payment involved: trading tie with other people – Liz
      • Gift suggestion mobile app – Make interactive lists of items in stores you find interesting. Share the list with friends, so that when their phones are near the store, the list would pop up.
      • registration application so you can see what your friends are taking
      • game swap at tech-link it to a website or facebook
      • interactive screen with balloons for people to hit video game augmented reality with working out on bikes (this exists already kind of)
      • everyone in an organization has a trading card that represent themselves
      • Bingo game on train. Each seat or square on the train car has a number on it. Numbers get called at each stop.


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