The Future…

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The inside of the Hilton’s hotel in Atlanta. It looks like something straight out of a sci-fi movie with floating vehicles that carry people across a giant spinal cord like bridge.


World Expo in Shanghai

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I went to the World Expo in Shanghai in the summer of 2010. Here are some pictures of buildings and random objects i took which I found very inspiring and creative.

One the European Pavilions

The Saudi Arabia Pavilion

A floating city made out of junks and garbage

A 5 story tall LCD screen inside the Future Pavilion

A very elegantly decorated toilet

A giant book used as a projector screen to show history

A touch screen panel that all0ws you to launch the balls at each other by grabbing it with you hands.

Paper Vs Pencil

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Paper Vs Pencil: Ben Heine

Very interesting art style. A very unique touch of humor on visual perception of reality.